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My approach is customised to the individual, I may use a single method or combination of any of my therapist toolset. This is decided after the initial consultation / treatment.

1:1 Sound Healing with Reiki

As I am Reiki II attuned, this healing energy flows through me during every treatment. On a 1:1 basis I work exploratively and on a very much bespoke level with each client. We journey together with sound, using the most appropriate instrument in each session. For specific healing I will employ my tuning forks, working with a chakra tuned set and solfeggio frequencies.

Healing is an individual journey, triggered by the intention and motivation of the individual. As a practitioner, I cannot heal anyone. Healing comes from within and is most definitely not a passive process. I am there to walk by the side of my clients as they clear trauma, limiting beliefs and behaviours which hold them back from shining their own light in this world.

Deep Relaxation Sound Baths

 For small intimate groups, public and private (friends / colleagues / family). We gather together and everyone gets settled and cosy. Using breathwork and visualisation to ground and relax, we then begin a sonic journey… Working with gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls, shamanic drum and a variety of percussion instruments and chimes including solfeggio pipes – the intention is a deep state of relaxation. We work with the ‘rest and restore’ system, inducing altered states of consciousness to reach a place of immersive rest. Participants are brought round gently and then we take some light refreshments, grounding back in to our bodies. There is always an opportunity to share experiences afterwards before departing.

Conscious Mentorship

Drawing on a variety of tools and techniques, this work involves a clear commitment from the client in their personal development and self-realisation journey. Some have called this work ‘spiritual counselling’, as many of my clients work with me to explore and expand their conscious awareness. This will inevitably involve some shadow work, as there can be no light without the dark! Techniques employed include ceremonial cacao for heart opening, oracle card readings, meditation and self- exploration using the Gene Keys system.

Individual and Small Group Cacao Ceremonies

As a certified medicine carrier for ceremonial grade cacao, I create sacred space for individuals and small groups to experience this wonderful heart medicine. Ceremonial cacao has been used for centuries throughout many ancient communities, to assist in connecting more deeply with our heart energy. I am able to share this in ceremony with guided meditation and sound for an immersive healing experience.

1:1 Meditation, Breathwork and Movement Tuition

As a fully trained and experienced yoga and meditation teacher, it is only natural that these skills are drawn on to offer a bespoke set of classes for clients who prefer to work on a 1:1 basis, rather than a group setting. Using embodiment practices, pranayama and mindfulness to create a truly unique and empowering session to clear energetic and physical blocks within the body and mind.

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