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“I love that I’m able to combine my passion for helping people step into their truth, with my weapon of choice – sound !

I began my journey as a pupil of Yoga almost 20 years ago. The accelerator to becoming a Sound Therapist, came many years after whilst on a  retreat in Ibiza.

A getaway for the Mind, Body and Soul, led me to the transformational practice of kundalini yoga. Chanting and mantra are a keystone part of this practice – it was the ‘Naad’ (sound energy) aspect which hooked me. I had deep physiological and emotional releases. I processed grief, loss and separation. I became a qualified teacher of movement, breath work and mantra. I furthered my knowledge and experience with different styles and practices – learning how to hold space for pregnant mamas, diving deeper into the fascia with Embodied Yin yoga.

Following my first experience of a Sound Bath, quite frankly I was hooked. The feelings and responses I had were profound. And to this day, no two sound healing experiences have been the same. It came as no surprise to my tutor, that I was the first one to sign up for his Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing. The acquisition of my instruments was like breathing in and out. I was able to train on a 1:1 basis, learning the intricacies of the tuning forks. I also attuned to Reiki Level II.

My most recent development is connecting with my voice as an instrument of healing. I have connected with a world respected Sound Healer in the USA, with the intention of me honing these skills further.

The truth is this though – music and sound have always been at the heart of who I am. I learned to read music when I was 9 or 10. Gave solo performances at school concerts. I played in ensembles. I studied A Level music. I went to live gigs like my life depended on it whilst at University. Music and sound is woven through the fabric of my being. 

I love that I am able to combine my passion for helping people step into their truth, with my weapon of choice – sound! An amazing and privileged position to be in, one which I am forever grateful for.

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8b Mosborough Moor,
Mosborough, Sheffield,
S20 5AY.

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