Sound Alchemy

Healing vibes to align mind, body and soul

We are, by definition, vibratory beings. Our bodies resonate at a frequency, just as the Earth herself does. When we are ‘in tune’ and balanced, all is well, but when our frequencies are dissonant or in a state of ‘dis-ease’, we develop physical, emotional and psychological symptoms.

Sound therapy works to support and bring all aspects of the human, back into a resonant, balanced state. Working across a spectrum of higher vibrational frequencies, using a variety of ancient, as well as very precise instruments – the body, mind and soul can be re-balanced and a sense of ‘wholeness’ returned.

My Specialisations

1:1 Sound Healing with Reiki

Working with specific instruments, combined with the power of Reiki energy, we clear and re-balance you back to wholeness

Deep Relaxation Sound Baths

An immersive sonic healing experience which benefits the physical body and works with the sub-conscious mind to deeply relax and restore

Conscious Mentorship

For those wishing to explore and expand their conscious awareness, we journey together so you feel fully confident and assured on your life path

1:1 Meditation, Breathwork and Movement Tuition

For those wishing to learn how to find stillness in the mind, employ breathing techniques and practice mindful movement, in a safely held, private and supportive space

Individual and Small Group Cacao Ceremonies

I create sacred space for individuals and small groups to experience this wonderful heart medicine which assists in connecting more deeply with our heart energy.

“A person does not hear sound only through the ears; he hears sound through every pore of his body. It permeates the entire being, and according to its particular influence either slows or quickens the rhythm of the blood circulation; it either wakens or soothes the nervous system. It arouses a person to greater passions or it calms him by bringing him peace. According to the sound and its influence a certain effect is produced. Sound becomes visible in the form of radiance. This shows that the same energy which goes into the form of sound before being visible is absorbed by the physical body. In that way the physical body recuperates and becomes charged with new magnetism.”

Sufi Musician, Healer and Mystic, Hazrat Inayat Khan.

ReclaimingYour Wholeness

I have experience working with clients to pro-actively navigate through:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Family Trauma – parental and spousal abuse
  • Intergenerational trauma
  • Consciousness and shadow work
  • Alleviation of chronic physical ailments
  • Supporting recovery from long term illnesses

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way


About Me

I’m a qualified teacher of movement, breath work and mantra. I hold a foundation certificate in Sound Healing. I am Reiki level II attuned and am passionate about supporting others on their healing journeys.

Client Testimonials

“For the first time in my life I feel that I am connecting to my own voice and to who I really am rather than a projection of who I should be. I have a vision of what my purpose is, something that's been below the surface for a long long time and you are enabling me to realise that vision, step by step - I've a way to go, however I know that with your guidance I will realise my own self-worth and live the life that I'm meant to live - a life grounded in full awareness without needing to sink back in to the cycles of debilitating anxiety and depression that I've been prone to for the last 30 years. Hopefully, this expresses just what an impact this work is having on my life; it's also changing and enhancing the relationships I have with the people closest to me.”

– Vicky, Chesterfield.

“I just experienced a sound bath with Maria at the Karma Hub!! WOW!! It was amazing!!! Maria explained it all so well, went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable and then immersed us in the most amazing healing sounds. It’s hard to put in to words the effect this had on me physically and emotionally. I will be returning again and again!! Thank you, Maria. Xx”

– Debbie, Rotherham.

Maria is a master at what she does, she listens and challenges your core beliefs, in order for you to work through any issues. I started to research things like Hertz and sound frequency and the power of healing this can have on your body. It has really worked - I feel happier than I ever have in my life at present. I’ve got to admit, I have loved working with Maria. She makes healing easy.”

– Gemma, Sheffield.

“ I chose to work with you because I love your energy and feel like you have a similar belief system and ideas to me but you're further on your journey than me so have things to teach me. I love the variety of modalities that you offer. I can't imagine seeing somebody else and having a yoga nidra session, gong bath, tuning fork attunement and talking sessions all with the same person. It's been so interesting to connect with myself a little more and become more open to myself and start to trust myself more. And the practical sessions have been sooo relaxing and much needed!”

– Amy, Rotherham.

“I experienced my first 1:1 Sound Gong Bath yesterday. Wow what a wonderful experience I had. Kindness and compassion oozes out of every inch of Maria. I felt very comfortable talking about my issues with her. She is incredibly well informed about the holistic effects of the therapy and boy can she play those instruments which she tailors to your specific needs."

– Emma, Sheffield.

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